Cello Punk: Polly Panic – “Losing Farm”

Polly Panic

“Losing Form”

Losing Form

I never thought that I would say the cello-driven rock is superb, buy Polly Panic from Rasputina pulls it off.  Think of “Legs Septet” by PJ Harvey to the nth degree.  This is great music.  Panic builds her strange and beautiful and ass-kicking music on the song writing styles of Harvey, Tori Amos, and Tom Waits, and yet sound completely fresh and definitely different.  I love Panic’s whole style.  Knowing some great cellists in my life, and my love of the instrument (no tone is more beautiful (except maybe the oboe)), I’m surprised someone like Panic hasn’t come along before.  Watching her torture her cello with love, one is filled with love of what she does.  Don’t let cello scare you (or maybe it should, you big chicken).  This is beautiful, breathtaking, killer punk rock n roll.  Thank you Polly Panic for something new and so great.

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