Chamber Music for Today: Foxtail Brigade – “Far Away And Long Ago”

Foxtails Brigade

Foxtail Brigade

“Far Away And Long Ago”

Foxtail Brigade, consisting of Laura Weinbach (lead vocals, nylon guitar), Anton Patzner (violin, electric guitar, percussion), Joe Lewis (bass), Dominic Mercurio (drums, percussion) and Joshua Pollock (electric guitar, vibraphone) are an orchestral pop band from the Bay Area.  This shimmering, beautiful song sounds like Joanna Newsome with an orchestra, so it is no surprise that Foxtail Brigade was asked to play a Newsome song at a tribute show.  “Far Away And Long Ago” is one of Foxtail Brigade’s original and showcases what may be their greatest asset: the ethereal voice of Laura Weinbach.  This is no insult to the rest of the band.  They are tremendous.  They will definitely play Newsome’s song “Book Of Right On” beautifully and claim it for their own.  Foxtail Brigade is what would happen if Wolfgang Mozart were alive and writing pop music today.  Refreshingly beautiful.

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