Channeling the Beats: Max Lockwood – “Tried Love (feat. Lindsay Lou & Sam Cooper)”

Max Lockwood

“Tried Love (feat. Lindsay Lou & Sam Cooper)”

Max Lockwood has one of those voices that makes you want to be his best pal, friendly, open, out front.  He has that presence that Tom Petty had; personable and just tremendous.  His lyrics are from the heart, and he also must have read the poetry of the Beats and maybe even Patti Smith.  As his bio states, Max Lockwood:

channels the flair of Tom Petty and the eloquence of the Beat Generation’s finest to create a sound rooted in songcraft and heartfelt lyricism, and bound with elements of rock and roll, folk, and pop. With full arrangements and rich poetic focus, the listener is led into a deep sonic landscape by songs that seek to uncover truths of love, adversity, and growth.

To me, this is the reason for great music; to untangle the reason for our interactions with one another, and Lockwood manages to do so without heavy-handedly pushing love down your throat.  What a great singer/songwriter.

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