COVERCULTURE: Pinks Truth About Love Should Have Looked Like This…

PInk Truth Love_CC

Jeri Heiden has designed some of the most iconic album covers for Madonna (True Blue/Like a Prayer), Melissa Etheridge and Christina Aguilera to name a few.  To say I am a HUGE fan of her work is a true understatement. I knew that Ms. Heiden has designed most of Pink’s albums covers, so when I saw the cover for her latest album, THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE, I was surprised.  Jeri Heiden usually designs with such a flare that the art grabs your attention immediately.  The final cover was a bit of a let down, especially with an opportunity to express the truth about love.  But when I opened the cd booklet and saw this photo, I just knew it had to be the cover, which said to me “I’m gonna kiss and tell all and leave a little reminder”.  Now that is classic Pink!

Darren Melchiorre
AudioFuzz Contributor, CoverCulture Columnist

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