Crooked View: Rare Americans – “Balmoral Hotel”

Rare Americans

“Balmoral Hotel”

What an unbelievable band.  Everything about Rare Americans is, well, RARE.  They sound like no one.  Let me quote their bio, because it might explain their sound:

Not crooked in the sense we’re criminals, in fact we barely have a speeding ticket between us. Crooked in the sense that we see the world a little crooked, we tell stories with slants. We sing for characters who rarely take the straight path. Catchy because we like catchy music and this way if no one else likes it at least we can enjoy belting out these classics at family dinner. That’s highly unlikely however, this record is fucking good. Rare Americans. Two Canadian Priestner brothers who’d never written a song together until a year ago and a crazy Slovakian guitar virtuoso named Lubo. Go figure.

All I know, Rare Americans takes sad, complex issues and make listenable and fun music while never making light of the situation.  I love this band.  This is what punk/rap mixes should sound like.

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