Dan Deacon Releases Interactive ‘Konono Ripoff No. 1’ Video

Dan Deacon’s new music video for his RSD single ‘Konono Ripoff Nº1’ is a snap

shot, time capsule and video yearbook of the Baltimore scene rolled into one. Like many of Deacon’s art project-as-music-videos (see ‘True Thrush‘ music video from Deacon’s 2012 full-length America) the cast is made up of the Baltimore arts community.

The video is a series of animated GIF portraits of each cast member with objects they felt represented them or were special to them.

The interactive music video directed by Meredith Moore and produced by Alan Resnick lets you take part through the use of the free Dan Deacon smartphone app powered by Wham City Lights.

Initially conceived of to be used at his live shows as featured in the music video for America‘s “Guilford Ave Bridge“, the app was subsequently used on his network television debut performance on Jimmy Kimmel last year to bring the home viewing audience into the performance.

The smartphone app syncs the phone to the music video and results in two simultaneous playing videos. The video on the smartphone displays the rotating objects of the cast member in the music video. The speed of the object’s rotation is determined by the user holding the smartphone.

The ‘Konono Ripoff Nº1’ single can now be purchased digitally with bonus tracks.

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