Dance With A Passion: Gibbz – “Bright Lights”



Bright Lights”

Oh My God

A great, catchy song from an extremely talented artist.  Mike Gibney is from New York City, and for a long time he worked for touring artists as a sound engineer and tour manager, until he decided to make his own music.  Thank God Gibbz made the move to making his own music.  “Bright Lights” has that fun, pounding beat (kind of reminds you of the 80’s dance music – think “Maniac”), while at the same time, the lyrics are just plain fun.  Gibbz says:

“Bright Lights was the first track written for the record. It’s about a night out with friends on whatever drugs you can find. The bright light is referring to how some substances can cause lights and colors to be more vibrant. The pacing of the track and its build of instrumentation are to show how there’s a delicate balance between taking just the right amount, and going too far.”

Check out this infectious sound.  Also check out his podcase, “Drinking With Gibbz”.  Oh, and he is on tour right now.  See him if he comes close to you.

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