Dark Electronica: Resin – “Lie”




Born and raised in Prague, Niko Antonucci, aka Resin, now resides in Los Angeles.  There, she weaves these dark, electronic, creepy music, the music of nightmares, which is great.  We need a soundtrack to our nightmares as well as our daydreams.  Resin has this method of using her beautiful voice over the darkest background of electronic music I’ve heard for a long time.  Her lyrics are just darkness incarnate.  One of the most fascinating aspects of her music is produces her music herself, so the darkness, the intensity, the passion is all hers.  I love this music.  This is music for the bravehearted.  I listen to it in the depths of the night.  If I were you, and you are weak hearted, listen to her during the day.  For Resin and me, we revel in the darkness.

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