Dark Glass: Glass Mannequins – “Dark Matter”

Glass Mannequins

“Dark Matter”

March of the Mannequins

Glass is what I hear when I hear Glass Mannequins, that smoothness, that slow flowing ever changing beauty of old glass windows, the reflection glass causes, the chance that the beauty might explode.  I truly love this band.  Their sound is so unique.  Glass Mannequins is a progressive electronic group based out of Boston. Formed in 2015, by singer Aaron Emmanuel and guitarist Socrates Cruz. Nora Maynard joined them, adding violin and vocals at the beginning of 2016. This combo makes such beautiful music.  And the video, directed by Matt Weston, matches the beauty so much.  No matter how dark we are, our “Glass Mannequins” reflect what little light there is available, just like this band.  This is the brightest dark electronic band I’ve heard.  Perfect.  No wonder the East Coast is going crazy over this band.  Listen and watch:  you’ll fall in love also.

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