Dark Hopefulness: Silent Planet – “In Absence”

Silent Planet

“In Absence”

When The End Began

The only thing silent about Silent Planet’s new single is the first two small breaks.  This is a loud, beautifully loud single filled with guitar riffs, drum rolls, and bass lines galore.  It is also filled with such great lines as “I can’t bear the pain of losing yesterday to a world of grey”.  That in itself makes “In Absence” worth listening to.  As the bio says:

As a former therapist with a degree in clinical psychology, Silent Planet frontman Garrett Russell drew inspiration for this record from a variety of first-hand experiences with mental health and addiction. The record is a continued external process of everything Russell learned in graduate school, what he would hear from people when he was a therapist, things he hears at shows, emotional conversations he’s had with fans and so on. Although he’s not currently working as a therapist, Russell aims to continue helping people with this record in particular. He explains, “On tour, we’ve met people isolated by bigotry, marred by addiction, scarred by loss – these songs are for them and anyone else grappling with these situations.”

With all the dark subject matter, Silent Planet is actually a hopeful album.  This is perfect music for Autumn, my favorite time of contemplation.  Silent Planet is comprised of Alex Camarena. Thomas Freckleton, Spencer Keene, Garrett Russell, and Mitchell Stark, and together they make some of the hardest hitting music out there.  I love this band.

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