Dark Passion: Lolahiko – “Funeral”



The Year We Died But Stayed Alive

If there were awards for beautiful darkness, Lolahiko would definitely win.  Coming from Los Angeles, Lolahiko is comprised of Lauren Marie and Ike Kawaguchi.  Lolahiko is a definite love child, the name being a combination of Lauren’s nickname, Lola, and Ike’s middle name, Tochihiko.  And a wonderful demon baby they have birthed.  Lolahiko is not afraid to tackle frankly the dark subjects around us, i.e., why we cry at funerals when the person for whom we cry is not there.  I love that whole sediment.  And Lauren Marie’s voice pours over you in waves of tender beauty.  As their press states it, their EP “is a collection of their insides over the past year, fighting unwanted spouts of anger, depression, love, jealousy, vulnerability, and power(, a) rollercoaster that had to be yelled, cried, screamed – and then played/sung.  Thank God it was played and sung.  There is important, dark music, reminiscent of a more electronic Siouxsie Sioux.  And the video – the video is stunning.  Having the young girl, dressed as a corpse, signing the whole song, is a stroke of genius.  I love this band.

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