Dark Romantic Pop: Liz Brennan – “Body Bags”


Liz Brennan

“Body Bags”

Wow!!!!  And we thought Lana del Ray was creepy?!?!.  Liz Brennan is so wonderfully creepy and beautiful  As her bio says:

Liz Brennan is a singer-songwriter from New York who has combined many musical elements to create “demented pop”. Liz’s unique lyrical content is greatly influenced by her own life including her struggle to portray a burn victim character on “Law and Order,” her counterattack against the mundane cardigan culture, her decision to allow transvestite hitchhikers to drive her mother’s new car, and her caricature of the typical party life.

Brennan has this voice that is almost indescribable.  She is like Carly Simon gone over to the dark side.  The video is a mix of “Weekend at Bernie’s meets Cry Baby” (Liz Brennan via Dread Central).  I so love this sound.  Brennan is my new hero.  Imagine Wednesday Addams singing love songs.  Siouxsie Sioux would kill for this song.  (No pun intended).  A perfect companion for True Blood or The Walking Dead.

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  1. Dude her smile gives me the creeps. She’s literal maneater, but it’s also sort of hot? I’m gonna have nightmares now.

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