Darkness In The Light: Vinegar Mother – “The Sunny Seat”


Vinegar Mother

“Sunny Seat”

Sunny Seat

What a wonderful song.  A mix of smoky jazz and sexy soul, “Sunny Seat” is about that feeling you get when someone leaves your life, but the world looks beautiful.  In 2012 in their home state of Connecticut, founding members Julia Zivic (lead vocals), Itamar Gov-Ari (keys, guitar and vocals) and Jason Zivic (drums) began performing together under the moniker, Julia Zivic & The Brothers. They later expanded with Chris Stelluti on saxophone and Mike Roninson on bass, after their earlier bassist, Zach Slaughter, joined the Marines. They have created a sound that is modern as hell, yet the music has that sound of Nina Simone or Ella Fitzgerald.  Zivic’s voice is unbelievable, and she brings all of her emotions into her song.  As the band’s biography states:

The cathartic tune narrates the troubled innermind of the protagonist, played by front woman Julia Zivic, while she tries to cope with heartbreak and encounters various reminders of her loss along the way. Ironically enough, the tune started out as a journal entry of Zivic’s, as she explains, “I was writing on the subway after a bad falling out with one of my longest best friends.” As the G train went over the Gowanus Canal bridge and the sun hit her directly in the face, Zivic was comforted by its warmth, however the unbearable feeling of loss lingered and the song began to pour out.

This song has just the right mix of jauntiness and longing, warmth and darkness, to make this one of the most beautiful songs.

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