Darkness Made Sweet: New Candys – “Excess”

New Candys


Bleeding Magenta

WOW!!!!  This band is so great.  Imagine the Velvet Underground and The Verve playing together:  you got New Candys.  Forming in Venice, Italy, in 2008, New Candys consists of Fernando Nuti (vocals, guitar, sitar), Diego Menegaldo (guitar, vocals), Stefano Bidoggia (bass, organ) and Dario Lucchesi (drums, percussion).   This is some of the greatest, darkest, most beautiful music I’ve heard.  There is also a little Jesus and Mary Chain reverb going on in the background.  Since hearing this, New Candys are my go-to band for listening to at work and helping ease the stupidity of those around me.  New Noise Magazine premiered the lead single “Excess” stating, “The song bellows with a gripping bass line, charging the rest of the instrumentals into a sonic daze; full of grandeur and poppy atmosphere.” “Excess” is a goodbye song; it’s about how intense relationships can be and how it’s okay to say goodbye if it’s too much to handle.  The darkness lingers, but I love the dark; therefore, I love New Candys.  You will too.  If you’re in Europe, they are touring.  Check them out if they come near you.  America beckons, guys.

10/07 – Interkosmos Fest – Berlin, DE
10/14 – Vinile – Vicenza, IT
10/27 – Lio Bar – Brescia, IT
10/04 – Glue – Florence, IT
11/18 – Rome Psych Fest – Rome, IT
11/29 – Kasárna Karlín – Prague, CZ
12/01 – Space Fest – Gdańsk, PL
12/03 – Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE
12/06 – TBA – Copenhagen, DK
12/08 – 1000Fryd – Aalborg, DK
12/09 – Bengans – Gothenburg, SE
12/12 – Frau Korte – Erfurt, DE
12/14 – The Waiting Room – London, UK
12/15 – Nice ‘n’ Sleazy – Glasgow, UK
12/16 – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar – Brighton, UK
12/19 – Le Molotov – Marseille, FR
12/20 – Le Salopard – Biel, CH
12/22 – Kapu – Linz, AT
12/23 – Das Bach – Wien, AT

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