Data Romance ‘Other’ Album Review

Data Romance gives us a dose of digital eros in their debut full-length
album entitled Other (released February 19th). Consisting of Canada’s
Amy Kirkpatrick and Ajay Bhattacharyya, the duo released their first
eponymous EP in summer of 2010. Since then, they’ve toured across the
US with ID Festival, supporting Digitalism, Young Empires and
Dragonette. Their latest effort is a regal yet consistent progression
of earnest musings that promises a more evolutionary path, while
exploring an internal sensory retreat. With the release of Other,
Data Romance have already unveiled their first single “Caves,”
(featuring remixes from MMOTHS, Phon.o and Benjamin Damage). The
“Caves” video seduces us with smoky, cinematic projections as Amy’s
distinctive vocals appease the moody percussive accompaniment. This
introduction is a fitting enticement, which sufficiently prepares us
for the haunting milieu of Other.

The group’s newest single, “Can’t Keep Your Mind Off” is a bloody good
video (literally), with jarring juxtapositions of playful pop melody &
sinister imagery; it’s an intoxicating amalgamate of passion,
saccharine & venom. Other standouts on the album are defined by
staggered syncopation, symbiotic synths & piano… all integrating
beautifully as Kirkpatrick woos us with hints of Vanessa Daou, Julee
Cruise, Bjork, and Tori Amos. This project deserves attention, imbues
potential, and delivers effectively; with hypnotic expressions of sin,
regret, and longing… this is a visceral journey that unfolds during a
cryptic but cogent narrative. Immersed in adventurous repose, Data
Romance leaves us with a buoyant impression that more brilliance is to
come from this burgeoning talent.

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-Reed McGowan
AudioFuzz Contributor

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