David Lynch Style: TORRES – “Skim”



TORRES has a new video out, and it’s fantastic.  TORRES is one of the most exciting and controversial musician out there.  She is one of the greatest songwriters and guitarists out there.  Check out the riffs on her latest song, “Skim”. These are some of the best riffs, reminding me of St. Vincent and Olianthi.  Her new video is very sexy, but is actually creepier than sexy, like a David Lynch movie.  The unknown stalker, attached to her, arms reaching out, grabbing, holding on, coming out of the walls, the sofa, the world.  And through it all, she looks like she is made of titanium, beautiful and self controlled.  It’s amazing.  TORRES is the next superstar.  She is going on tour; see her.  I have.  Live, she is so beautiful, she made me cry.  She also is an amazingly sweet person.  I was very privileged to have met her.  I cannot wait for her new album to come out.  She belongs with Courtney Barnett, Angel Olsen, Palehound, Katie Buchanan as the new pantheon of female rockers.

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