Disco Not Disco: De Lux – “Keyboards Cause We’re Black And White”

De Lux

“Keyboards Cause We’re Black And White”

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I love this song.  It does remind me of the best of Disco (Donna, Evelyn, Cerrone, Chic).  That funky dance beat, beautiful vocals, witty lyrics, not the schmaltz that killed disco, but the beautiful when it was truly progressive and underground.  Okay, De Lux is not really disco, but you can certainly dance to it.  More like the Pet Shop Boys, but the disco roots are there.  De Lux is made up of Seanie boy – gitter; Isaac Franko – bass; Tyler Lotts – glitter; Brian Dean – crying;  Tyler 2 Mcarthy – synths, but hes better at gitter.  (The descriptions are all their own, and I love it.)  This is a great group.  Throw your troubles away and dance.  Love this band, and especially the humor behind them.  

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