Dutch Uncles – “Flexxin”

At first glance this looks like some new type of dance craze that’s about to take-off. It’s no PSY, but the dance is somewhat amusing. Manchester’s Dutch Uncles are about to release their fourth album Out Of Touch In The Wild.

There’s been no great reinvention, just great progress: this is a refined version of Dutch Uncles doing what they do best: making labyrinthine pop of Escher-like complexity and crystal clarity. Unlike previous outings, Out Of Touch In The Wild was written and conceived as a full ‘studio’ album, allowing for greater creative freedom, more sophisticated arrangements and a much larger sonic palette, seeing them utilize strings, piano, analogue synths and tuned percussion more so than guitars.


Official Site – http://dutchuncles.co.uk
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/dutchuncles
Twitter – https://twitter.com/dutchuncles
Label – http://www.memphis-industries.com

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