Emotional Eavesdropping: Jarrod Milton – “Red”

Photo Cred: Ben Searles

Photo Cred: Ben Searles

Jarrod Milton



What a beautifully odd song.  “Red” breaks all the rules of songwriting, in good ways of course, and Jarrod Milton’s voice in unbelievably emotional.  As his bio states:

Jarrod Milton is an American Artist. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Jarrod developed his joy for singing in the famed Ebenezer Baptist Church (Martin Luther King Jr.s Church) choir. Though his voice was honed in the choir the themes of his music are far less pious. He has been writing songs for close to 5 years, but often scared to share his creations because of their personal nature. It is clear who Jarrod is when you listen to his music, which draws its strength in its honesty. He pairs vivid songwriting with his hauntingly vulnerable voice. The two combine for a music that will leave a lasting effect on the listener. In Jarrod’s voice you you will not only hear his emotions, but feel them yourself.

This is amazing music.  You almost feel like you are eavesdropping, but Milton wants to share his life with him.  No doubt, you will walk away from Jarrod Milton a changed man: his music is that powerful.

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