Empowerment: Alice Merton – “Last Out”

Alice Merton

“Lash Out”

German born Alice Merton does it again with her new single, “Lash Out”.  This woman has complete control of everything she does.  I never thought she could top “No Roots”, but “Lash Out” is wonderful.  As Merton says:

“Lash Out was similar to No Roots,” recalls Alice Merton. “Being an artist and a human in this world always means confronting people who make you feel like you have to act according to their rules. Like most people, I wanted and still want to live by my own rules. The idea, or, if you like, the need, to write and record ‘Lash Out’ was born of a feeling within me. “

And that feeling resonates with me as well as many others.  “No Roots” ruled the world, and so will “Lash Out”.  Beautiful production, powerful lyrics, and a voice made in heaven combine to make a perfect song to pound out of your car speakers.  Go for it.  You’ll feel empowered.

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