Face Your Fears With: Siamese – “Chromatose”

Photo by Judd Myers



The Mesmerist

An extremely intense and interesting band, glam-rock Siamese comes from Dallas with the whole purpose of making us face our fears.  The band – comprised of Paul Alonzo (bass), Paul Grass (drums), Nicole Marxen-Myers (keys, vocals) and Teddy Georgia Waggy (guitar, vocals) – materialized in 2015 as a means to intersect music, performance, and visual art. To do so, they take elements from carpentry to choreography to costume design, and their live shows have come to serve as a parallel universe for the members to act out alternate identities and face the terror of vulnerability with their audiences.  They tremendously do their job.  I love this band so much.  They bring new life to the glam-rock genre.  Thank you so much for just being.  What a band.

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