Film Music For Your Mind: Seasonal Beast – “I Can Make You Disappear”

Seasonal Beast

“I Can Make You Disappear”

Muscle Memory

Don’t get too tranced by Yuli Beeri voice in “I Can Make You Disappear”, because the music will kick the shit out of your airiness.  This is great, surprising music.  Coming from NYC, Seasonal Beast is Yuli Beeri on Vocals, Yuval Semo on Keys, Johnathan Levi on Bass, Stefano B. on drums, Dan Brantigan on trumpet/ EVI and Alon Albagli on Guitars.  This is a great, almost-emo but gothier band with many influences all rapped into one.  There is a strong Radiohead sound, but add the oddness of the Mountain Goats, the power of Kaki King, and a voice sounding like a stronger Hope Sandoval, and you have something completely new.  Israeli-born Semo (who wrote the songs) got his degree from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Film Scoring, and that shows.  This is great music for the film in your head.  I love it.

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