Romantic Rock: Finish Ticket – “Color”

finish ticket

Finish Ticket


When Night Becomes Day

HURRAY!!!!!  Finish Ticket has a new EP out.  This is one of my favorite bands.  They are up there as one of the bestest live acts of ever seen.  If they come to your town this spring (Cleveland, Nashville, Minneapolis)(you lucky guys), go see them.  Their records are great too.  They are filled with this young energy, yet they have the licks of a seasoned band.  They remind me a little of Silversun Pickups or Sugarcult, but the sound is really their own.  Brendan Hoye, Alex DiDonato, Michael Hoye, Gabe Stein, and Nick Stein combine to make a sound that is all their own.  They can rock, but when they slow done a little, they are the band you’re going to be listening to when you want to get that someone special in the mood.  They are that powerful.

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