Freakin Fabulous Fergie showin her L.A. LOVE

Are you asking where this Londoner has been? Well stay tuned to this page for the latest on The Dutchess’ new track dropped earlier today. London Bridge no more we are West coast gals now. We are all on the Cali shit and we are in L.A. L.A. Love!

Kudos to D.J. Mustard for bringin it exactly how it needs to be done! This is a complete world tour without leaving your chair.

CONTEST ALERT: Whoever can flash the hottest L.A. sign will get a feature shout out and choose my next expose!

Yes it has been eight whole years since her solo debut, but Fergie has never ceased to be relevant. The Black Eyed Peas leading lady retook her throne in 2009 for the group’s The E.N.D. and raced Leo DiCaprio’s Great Gatsby with A Little Party Never Killed Nobody just barely a year ago.

Fergie had been taking email submissions of L.A. signs from fans via and form through last week. I cant wait to see these fan submissions come alive in the upcoming music video!


No date has yet been announced for this sophomore album but 2015 will surely be huge for the couple, Stacy Ann Ferguson and her hubby Josh Duhamel, who welcomed their son Axl Jack last year! Rumormill claims that Mike WiLL Made of Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz fame has a leading role too :-)

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