From Sorrow Comes Joy: The Tambo Rays – “Yes and No”

The Tambo Rays

“Yes and No”


Have you missed poppy/punky new wave like the Go-Go’s or even Le Tigre, with the strong female lead and summery, dance rhythms?  Never fear: The Tambo Rays are here.  Based in Oakland, the Tambo Rays were founded by Brian DaMert (guitar, vox) who soon found an immediately furthered kinship with his sister, Sara (lead vox), who joined with no previous musical experience. Joined by Greg Sellin (bass/ back vox), Bob Jakubs (drums), and Lisa Weiss (keys),  the bank has been playing their brand of sunshiny pop, which hides the pain the DaMerts felt watching their father, their main influence, wither away and pass on.  Often from pain comes great beauty.  Such is the new EP from The Tambo Rays.  This is perfect summer/fall music, also guaranteed to keep the winter blues away.  Dance your cares away.

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