FUN, FUN, FUN: Skaters – “Northern Soul”


“Northern Soul”

ROCK and ROLL Bye Bye

One of the best bands EVER.  Skaters have everything: witty lyrics, great visuals, wonderful hooks, a beat that goes forever.  This is summer party music with a twist.  (Remember, I’m the one who thought Duty Now For The Future by DEVO was summer party music.)

When discussing the video, guitarist Josh Hubbard states, “The ethos brought to this new project is similar to that of the ‘DIY’ ethos… but its more inclusive, so we’ve coined it DIWOP2, which his short for Do It With Other People Also. We reached out on the internet to people and people got back. Conversations where had, relationships forged and collaborations were born…

Everything about this band makes me happy as hell.  By the way, this video would scare Anya from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, to death, if vengeance demons can be scared to death.  Guys, come to Pittsburgh.

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