Fun Times: Swimming With Bears – “French Girls”

Swimming With Bears

“French Girls”

This is the type of single that the indie scene used to be known for:  catchy, riff ridden, great vocals, and, most importantly, a sense of fun.  Indie used to be fun.  Swimming With Bears brings that back.  Coming from Austin, Swimming With Bears consists of Joe Perry (vocals/bass), Alec Conte (guitar), Jon Kerr (guitar) and Ryan Hannasch (drums).  Joe Perry has this great voice that makes you smile and want to join in.  I especially love the video with its tip-of-the-hat to French New Wave.  This band does have it all.  They do have a Bombay Bicycle Club vibe going for them.  And, on an even greater note, on May 16th, they will be playing my home town of Pittsburgh.  Guys, if they come near you, go see them.  They are certainly worth it.  Oo la la indeed.

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