Funky Soul: Jak Lizard – “Quality Of Life”

Jak Lizard

“Quality Of Life”

Shine To Rise

What a voice.  Jak Lizard reminds me of the soulful side of Van Morrison.  The funky backbeat and the great musicians backing up Lizard reminds me also of the wonder of Leon Russell.  As his bio states:

Jak Lizard brings new life to old-school styles with his striking vocal range and a refined lyricism that conveys a wisdom beyond his 23 years. This lyricism is backed by an airtight live rhythm section that brings an irrepressible groove to this multifaceted style that blends jazz, hip-hop, and soul influences.

His voice brings this song of his to life with roughness and tenderness combined.  This might be one of the best “blue-eyed” soul songs I’ve heard for a long time.  Listen to this song, watch Lizzard having fun in his video, and try not to sing along.  You will fail, my friend.  Jak Lizzard is addictive.

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