Garage Horror: DCTV – “L.A. Boum”



“L.A. Boum!

Confusion Moderne

DETECTIVE (DTCV) was born late at night at a party in the Hollywood Hills mansion of a film producer, where Lola G., French musician in the L.A. stoner/garage scene met novelist,screenwriter and guitarist James Greer. Interested in mingling with celebrities and bored with the dildo collection in the living room, Lola and James started a conversation about Super-Fuzz pedals and the imminent worldwide collapse of the capitalist paradigm and decided to form a band, named “Detective” after a Godard film and later shortened to DTCV to avoid confusion with homicide news on the Internet.

I had to quote that piece from DTCV’s press release, because it says so much about this band.  Their sound is so unique, and the fact that Lola sings and writes in her native French, just makes the song creepier.  I love the video.  There is something very Vincent Pricish horror about the video.  Check them out.  Listen, enjoy, light a bone, enjoy yourself.

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