Garage Soul: Failure Machine – “Beautiful Scene”

failure machine

Photography by Amy Aramanda

Failure Machine

“Beautiful Scene”


Spencer Jeffrey Kilpatrick, Clinton JR Philbin, Harold Mahony, Zac Curtis, Rachbot McElhiney, and Evan Tune are best friends and band members of Failure Machine.  They are tremendous.  This group of friends from Reno call themselves “The world’s grossest soul band.” I love them.  They totally kick ass.  They might be the “grossest” soul band, but they are so absolutely fun and tight.  Very tight.  This is the band that you want to go to a great corner band, listen, and dance to.  Also, drinking is not out of the question.  They are so original.  In the back of your head you’re thinking, who do they sound like?  But after 15 seconds, you say, I DON’T CARE, and just dance your ass around.  And when the guitar comes in, Jeez, what a frickin band.  I love this band.  Listen to them unless you want to be old forever.

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