Ghost Tales: Golden Daze – “Ghost”

Photo by Kai Hugo

Golden Daze


Golden Daze

What a strange band, in a really great way.  Formed by Ben Schwab and Jacob Loeb, Golden Daze is a collaborative songwriting duo. Inspired by 60’s melodic rock and contemporaries like Cass Mccombs and Brian Jonestown Massacre, Golden Daze drenches their straightforward earthly pop tunes in ethereal drones and tape flutter. The duo, originally from the Midwest (Schwab from Ohio and Loeb from Chicago), are based in Los Angeles and recently released their self-titled debut LP on Autumn Tone Record.  The video for “Ghost” is about a woman who psychically channels her two sons.  Beautifully done but creepy at the same time, only a band as good as Golden Daze would attempt such a concept, and at the same time, pull it off so beautiful.  Brian Wilson would have been proud to write this song.  And that is a huge complement.

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