Goldfrapp Becomes King/Queen Of Electronic with ‘Silver Eye’

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The sonic landscapes created on Goldfrapp’s 7th studio album in 17 years are simply magnificent and make Silver Eye one of the most ambitious electronic records that we’ve ever heard. The album is awash with organic sounds that pulsate, buzz, burble, and boom creating a cohesive mix of uptempo and slow tempo songs. Goldfrapp is often known for doing either/or on albums but with Silver Eye they choose to make an even split appeasing all fans.

The industrial, uptempo “Anymore” kicks off the album showing teeth. Goldfrapp plays with sexually seductive lyrics and beats that go hand-in-hand here. Fans of “Strict Machine” this is for you! Keeping in theme with the harder Nine Inch Nails/Gary Numan industrial edge electronic we slide right into “Systemagic.” The beats and synths are perfectly calculated as if they were quantized. Will Gregory’s throbbing bass lines are standout here. Both these tracks sound as if they could have come right out of the Supernature sessions.

Songs like “Tigerman” , “Faux Suede Drifter” and “Zodiac Black” are their more downbeat affairs but as sonically appealing and ethereal as their uptempo pairings on this album. Alison Goldfrapp’s layered vocals shine and float effortlessly above the incredible musical landscape that Gregory produces. It’s very easy to get lost in the music and quickly find yourself on an alien terrain in some cases.

One track that really takes the crown is the hypnotic, pulsating “Everything Is Never Enough.” A genius combination of A+ production and vocals that positively soar. While the melodious and enigmatic “Moon In Your Mouth” and “Ocean” close-off the album beautifully with their celestial sound.

Goldfrapp produced an album as stunning as their first few albums and continue to show promise, ambition, and grandiosity. It behooves us to say they are the official king and queen of electronic–without a doubt. Check out the video for “Anymore” below:

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