Good Ole Country: Jeff Hyde – “Henry Ford”

Jeff Hyde

“Henry Ford”

Norman Rockwell World

Jeff Hyde has that perfect country voice; gruff but melodic and honest-sounding.  This is a great song.  What a tremendous artist.  Hyde has this wonder writing style.  In fact, he has written so many songs for other people, that is was no doubt that he would have some songs for himself.  And Hyde has left his best songs for this album.  Tremendous work.

Norman Rockwell World roots itself in Hyde’s songwriting chops, and also introduces him as a talented vocalist who delivers a song with the same finesse he uses to spin a lyric. He sings each song in a welcomingly strong voice, one that may be familiar to Eric Church’s fans who have seen Hyde play acoustic instruments and sing harmonies in Church’s band for more than a decade. He beefs up his sound with everything from banjo riffs to mandolin solos. The music itself nods to his longtime influences — including 1980s trailblazers like Don Williams, Whitley, and Vern Gosdin — without losing its modern appeal.

This is the album that we have waited for in the new country.  This will shake the industry up.

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