Gothic Creepiness: HOLYGRAM – “A Fraction”

All photos by Yves Christelsohn


“A Fraction”

Modern Cults

German post-rockers HOLYGRAM from Cologne have managed to immerse themselves in the Goth world of Bauhaus without sounding derivative.  The swirling keyboards and dense musical production sends “A Fraction” way to the dark side (in a good way, though the dark side is always the best way).  No happy songs here, boys.  This is great German goth.  In fact, “A Fraction” could be on a soundtrack for Nosferatu, it’s that beautifully creepy.  HOLYGRAM is Patrick Blümel (vocals), Sebastian Heer (drums), Marius Lansing (guitars), Pilo Lenger (synthesizers) and Bennett Reimann (bass). HOLYGRAM is anything but “holy”, but chilling.  Listening to “A Fraction”, I get shivers up my spine as if someone is walking across my grave (of course, I won’t be there).

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