HalfNoise (Paramore’s Zac Farro) brilliant indie rock album ‘Sudden Feeling’

Nashville-based indie rock outfit HalfNoise is a musical project by Zac Farro the former drummer of the band Paramore. The debut album only dropped in 2012 but Farro has perfected his craft with Sudden Feeling. An album of swirling melodies, hypnotic synths, and Tame Impala-esque flair. 

Farro has stated that this album is inspired by “hard times”, specifically a breakup but we wouldn’t be able to decipher that from the predominantly uptempo music on this album. Farro has definitely spent a lot of time listening to Tame Impala, Passion Pit and Neon Indian. The mixture of shoegaze, chillwave, mid-tempo dance and psychedelia have a beautiful cohesion here. Songs like “Know The Feeling”, “Sudden Feeling” and “Love You Back” have a very cheery feeling–the lyrics give each track a beautiful irony. 

In short, Sudden Feeling is beautifully crafted, hypnotic, fun, deep, and standout. Listen to “Know The Feeling” below!

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Sounds: Tame Impala with a pop twist

Feels: A sunny afternoon bike ride 

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