Hard Hitting Music: The Blondies – “Just Another Evening”


The Blondies

“Just Another Evening”

Just Another Evening

What a powerful song, what a powerful video.  It’s about we in this country take sexual assault seriously, and the video and song makes that painfully real.  Besides which, The Blondies are a damned great band.  Coming from Berkeley and Oakland, The Blondies are comprised of Members: Frank Klopotowski, Paul Davis, Jerry Feist, Simon Lunche, Isaac Roth, Elias Williams.  According to The Blondies;

We call our music the 3rd wave. A retro-rock blend of The Beatles, The Kooks, The Arctic Monkeys. We’ve been rockin’ some of the greatest venues together for over 8 years now.

Some of the awards they have received are Gibson Guitar Artist Award (youngest band ever to be named Gibson Artists) and as one of “8 Essential Artists for 2016” by LIVE 105/CBS San Francisco. This is a band guaranteed to go far.  Listen, enjoy, but most of all, THINK.

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