HEAR: Alex G’s ‘God Save The Animals’

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God Save The Animals is the latest album from Alex G.

God Save The Animals

Don’t listen to this album expecting it to be the best thing you’ve ever heard. It’s not going to change your life and make you a better person, but it will probably make you feel some emotions and maybe even move your feet a little bit. If that sounds good enough, give it a listen!

Soft Spot

If you’ve ever had a soft spot for a good love song, this one’s for you. It’s about the kind of romance that makes even the hardest heart feel something. There are plenty of songs about falling in love, but this one takes it to another level by focusing on the feelings afterward—when your heart has gone through all its stages and you’re left with just yourself and your loved one. It’s a beautiful sentiment and an amazing song!


Forevher is a celebration of the human spirit. It’s about wanting to live forever, and realizing that in order to do so, you must first make sure that everyone else is alive too. When I was writing this song, I kept thinking about these people who say they want to die because they no longer feel like living anymore. And then my thoughts turned into questions: What if those people were wrong? What if those people weren’t actually dead yet? And what if their whole lives had just been one big misunderstanding?

I think Forevher is important because it reminds us how lucky we are to be alive right now—and how great it would be if everyone else were still here with us too!


This is the best song on the album, if not one of Alex G’s best songs ever. The chorus is just so hopeful and uplifting, it makes you feel like anything is possible. With lyrics like “we’re all animals, we are all animals/we’re all animals” and “we’re all animals, we are all animals/we’re all going to die someday,” this song brings up hope in a world where sometimes it can be hard to find any at all.

It’s not a bad album.

It’s not a bad album, but it isn’t a great one either. The music is good, but there’s nothing that stands out in my mind as being absolutely incredible. There are no songs that I can listen to over and over again because they’re so good or have such an impact on me emotionally. Most of the tracks blend together into one long blur of vaguely familiar guitar riffs and Alex G’s signature low voice (although his singing style has changed quite a bit since last time I heard him sing).

The lyrics are okay; they tell stories about people who seem to be struggling with issues related to finding themselves or figuring out their place in life. They’re not poetic enough for me to really connect with them though; maybe if there were more metaphors thrown in here and there then I would feel differently about this album!

This album is just okay—it isn’t great but also nothing terrible about it makes me want to stop listening right away like some other albums do sometimes when they start getting boring after awhile


There are many great songs on this album and I would recommend giving it a listen. It may not be your cup of tea, but at least give it a try! Check out “Runner” below:

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