HEAR: Country-Tinged Indie Rock | Cut Worms – “Ballad Of The Texas King”

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The breezy, country-tinged rock of Brooklyn-based artist Max Clarke (Cut Worms) sounds like it’s straight out of the depths of a Texas Roadhouse bar. Don’t let him fool you though he has the attitude and swagger of a Brooklynite! We are mesmerized by the music of Cut Worms and I think you will be too. Check out “Ballad Of The Texas King” below and let us know your thoughts:

SOUNDS: like the Eagles, George Harrison and Joni Mitchell had a love child

FEELS: like a warm summer night in Dallas

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On Cut Worms, the new self-titled album from Brooklyn-based Max Clarke, the singer-songwriter and musician continues his exploration of what he calls “pop essentialism.” Mining the golden hits of yesteryear for a timeless double A-side sound, he contemplates age-old questions through a modern lens. Here, he leaves behind the legendary studio and sought-after producers for a more homegrown approach, working with a cast of gifted friends and collaborators. “Don’t Fade Out” and “Living Inside” were recorded in Brooklyn by Brian and Michael D’Addario of the Lemon Twigs, who also played piano and bass, respectively, on these two songs. Further basic tracking was done by Florist’s Rick Spataro at his Hudson Valley studio, Onlyness Analog, with contributions from the long standing Cut Worms live band–keyboardist John Andrews, bassist Keven Louis Lareau, and drummer Noah Bond. The result is a compact collection of daydream anthems that live between the summer’s hopeful beginnings and the season’s fleeting end.

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