Hear – Little Boots Gets A Bit Too Visual Tasting It

The following in not meant for the faint of heart. With that here we go…

Little Boots certainly is not one to shy away from pain and drama. In this strongly feminist portrayal, Victoria Christina Hesketh, as she was named back in May of ’84, takes the gore of Gaga and the party of Perry to new heights. It was actually too much for me to bare, but I suppose that is the point.

Firstly, why does an artist feel the need to include their name in a music video that features them as the main actor?  Many girls overdo makeup, but rarely does one acknowledge their faults, especially by tagging their blush pad: “Little Boots”. It just makes me wonder what she has to cover up. Something tells me that we are about to find out.

Modern day addictions are often shied away from or completely ignored. Little Boots chose to showcase how society becomes engrossed in various notions and how there seems to never be an end to our yearning for more of everything from body image to popping pills in barely three and a half minutes.

Reality sets in when an ash tray laden with cigarette butts and a take out dinner displays an overstuffed fries. In such a video it makes one think of the reality of the damage that smoking and junk food causes.

Teenage girls are notorious for hiding the diseases that haunt them. Can anyone name their bluemic classmate? As girls grow older they may become obsessed and use plastic surgery as a means to cover their physical personal shortcomings. Little Boots chose to take a pair of scissors to her face broadcasting this phenomena. At least her eyebrows looked good. Director Ish Sahotay  obviously does not believe that pain has its time and place, but is it really necessary to stretch your face in plastic wrap? 

Another form of diseases are addictions. The mere fact that a straw is consuming a whitish powder is enough for me to assume that this depicts cocaine and that is a not a joking matter. Let’s turn back to scissors deforming a body. How is it okay to promote self-mutilation? I do not mean in the form of beautifying one’s body with piercings, ink and the like, but rather harming oneself by chopping off their finger! At least Little Boots wore a stunning diamond.

Moving on, there are many cuts of meat and poultry that I would love nothing more than to taste, but in what world would it be appealing to see the image of not one but TWO fetuses enclosed in plastic wrap on a meat tray tagged with a price. Excuse me while I go barf.

If that was not enough, we are fortunate enough to envision what it looks like to have a hamburger packed with a moving pair of feet sandwiched between patties. Yes, the nail polish was just sexy as hell.

Throughout the rhetoric depiction, Little Boots retains a blank piercing stare whilst clad in a black blazer and a white blouse as she belts the distinctive lyrics of her tale. I guess having her face tape down in a garbage bag and the explosion on an egg in her hand are both considered normal for this visual stimulation. A Diet Coke IV drip is probably the only part of this video that actually made me crack a smirk but I am quite certain it has a deeper gruesome definition. But gruesome was defined moments later as we see an actress holding what seems to be a lobster fully engrossed eating its insides, later followed by one consumed by a slab of meat.

Little Boots made sure to cover other addictions that plague humankind, including a woman with a wide open mouth seemingly enjoying swallowing an obscene amount of falling capsules. Wait did she just swallow and eyeball? Is that salami in a banana peel? If it were me I’d strangle myself in that salami after this entire horror show called a music video.

Taste It was previously reviewed here and is the first of four tracks in Little Boot’s EP Business Pleasure set for release on iTunes next Monday, December 1st, 2014.

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