HEAR: Psychedelic Rock | Das Kope – “So Happy” + Stunning Album ‘Where I Live’

Das kope, psychedelic rock, indie rock, British pop, beatles, tame impala, pond

Los Angeles-via-Brazil artist Das Kope has released “So Happy” a follow-up single to their debut album Where I Live. The melodious, psychedelic track sounds like the love child of Tame Impala and Pond. If you love this song you will LOVE the album. Check it out below.

FEELS: soft – cashmere and warm

SOUNDS LIKE: Tame Impala, Pond, Beatles – Sgt Peppers/Magical Mystery era

The Where I Live album was a sprawling masterpiece that took psychedelic rock to new heights with its carefully constructed psych-anthems. Where I Live is a psychedelia-heavy outing that toys with British pop, stoner vibes, and an expansive array of swirling synths. We were stunned to hear such a powerful record did not cross our desk in 2020 but we’re glad we found it. You can hear Where I Live below:

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