HEAR: Roses (Ex-Abe Vigoda) – “It’s Over” & “Florence Girls”

roses, abe vigoda, dreamlover, alternative rock

“It’s Over” hints at the Cure and Depeche Mode’s new wave ingenuity but with a contemporary and unique twist. The clever use of chord structure and distortion provide for a refreshing and fun update on new wave music.

and “Florence Girls” is a bit more upbeat and raucous but overall a great twist on their new, new wave music.

Roses are proud to share “It’s Over”, the second single from their excellent debut EP entitled Dreamlover which will be released by Group Tightener on August 5th. The LA-based band is comprised of former Abe Vigoda member Juan Velazquez, Marc Steinberg, and Victor Herrera. Roses blends a love of 90’s pop with new wave and shoegaze to create a sound steeped in jangly guitar, woozy synths, upbeat basslines, and warm washes of distortion. Listen to the previously released first single, “Florence Girls”, below and scroll down to view all upcoming tour dates.

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