HEAR & SEE: The Best (and worst) of Britney, B****


I have to admit, I have been working my ass off after hearing the Pop Princess’ latest single “WorkBitch.” What am I working on, per se? Ya know…the things.

Ahem, excuse my while I get another 5 jobs…and try to stop myself from getting a Bugati.

Following the “leak” of her latest single, Mrs Spears also announced that she would be performing in a Vegas residency, sorta like Celine Dion has been for the past several years. It’s been reported that she will be pulling in around 170,000 per show, and is contractually obligated to change costumes 25 times or more. The shows will be engineered around the performances of her greatest hits. Spears also announced a brand new album, to be released December 3rd internationally. Britney’s back…B****!

To celebrate her residency, new single, and new album, we’ve decided to put together a list of her top 10 singles. Do you think WB will eventually make it on this list?

10. Hit Me Baby One More Time

The single that started it all, and riled up every Mom and Dad in the country.

9. Gimme More

One of her more polarizing songs (and albums), from the bald phase might I add, “Gimme More” is perhaps one of her more electrifying.

8. I Wanna Go

Contestable for her most catchy dance song, “I Wanna Go,” is pretty much the one that makes me wild on the dance floor. Ya know, after a few G&Ts.

7. Til the World Ends

Is there a better way to spend the apocalypse, but dancing? Well, maybe drinking.

6. Hold it Against Me

Perhaps the greatest double entendre ever sung in pop music, this one made EVERYONE fall in love with dub-breakdowns. #byeskrillex

5. 3

Nuff said.

4. Oops I Did it Again

I don’t know, it seems like Britney really likes to make mistakes, especially when they make for such amazing material. If only I could get close enough to play with her heart…

3. You Drive Me Crazy

One of the defining songs of the 90s (for teen pop anyway), YDMC is…bubblegum brilliance.

2. Womanizer

I have a love/hate relationship with this one. Love, because it is so very singable, the video is a work of pop genius, and the chorus is unbelievably strong. Hate, because it’s still stuck in my head from the first time I heard it…4 years ago.

1. Toxic

One of the greatest pop songs in history.

Aaand the ones that weren’t so…workin

3. I’m a Slave For You

No, just…No.

2. Overprotected

Sappy Britney was never the best Britney. That’s some nasal pop sadness right there.

1. Me Against the Music (feat. Madonna)

Not that I have anything against Madonna, or the tight dance routine that comes around about a quarter into the video, but…Nope.

FUZZ off below on your favorite Britney singles, and get ready to Work Bitch. ;)


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