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LA based multi-instrumentalist Pachyman delivers a nostalgic and other-worldly tune with “Trago Coqueto”. The sound harkens back to 1990s music scene in the Caribbean but is fresh and exciting for us to hear as this music is not omnipresent in the United States. Take a listen to “Trago Coqueto” below:

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Pachy García, the LA based multi-instrumentalist who performs as Pachyman, announces his upcoming album, Switched-On, due September 29th via ATO Records. Alongside the announcement Pachyman shares the lead single and video “Trago Coqueto,” a cheeky love song and a poignant ode to his life growing up in Puerto Rico as well as the first of his singles that features his own vocals front and center. Pachyman shares about the track, “‘Trago Coqueto’ is a nostalgic tune; where inhibition is lost and vulnerability arises. A breezy call to come back home.”

Though based in LA, García’s music is immersed in the world of the Caribbean, with the basis of his sound being derived from his native home in Puerto Rico. Laced with nostalgia, Switched-On pulls from the island’s musical scene in the 1990’s, when Puerto Rico was embracing new wave Jamaican riddims which were later combined with traditional Boricua sounds. In keeping with the themes of sentimentality, Pachyman uses his Korg Poly-800 to pay homage to a generation of Puerto Rican artists who first began experimenting with synthesizers, all the while allowing his music to ebb and flow. His previous album, The Return Of Pachyman (2021) is more of a direct response to the sounds of his musical heroes, especially King Tubby and Scientist, and on the new album Pachyman wanted to move his art forward while simultaneously honoring his roots looking to embrace more of himself vs. trying to emmulate others. He also pushes himself further vocally incorporating more of his own minimalist vocals for added texture.

Alongside the album news Pachyman is also announcing a couple of headline dates in Seattle and New York as well as a full Fall tour alongside Altin Gun launching October 27th. Pachyman will also be performing at Pickathon Festival in Portland this Summer and Levitation Festival in Austin in the Fall. In recent years, Pachyman has toured with artists such as Khruangbin, Black Pumas, My Morning Jacket and Genesis Owusu.

This latest release follows Pachyman’s breakthrough single “All Night Long” which now has more than 2 million total streams. “All Night Long” was spotlighted by The FADER, added to Spotify’s tastemaker playlist “POLLEN” and featured on KCRW’s “Most Played” airplay chart.

Listen to “Trago Coqueto” now, presave Switched-On above and check out Pachyman’s touring details below.

About Pachyman:

For his latest sonic transmission Switched-On, musician Pachy García, aka Pachyman,
challenged himself to steer his dub-drenched dispatches towards another dimension. The
follow-up to 2021’s The Return of Pachyman, out Sept 29th on ATO Records, Switched-On is an homage to the generative artistic era when musicians first began manipulating synthesizers to emit gloriously off-kilter bleeps, bloops, and whooshes. It also gestures to García’s chirring Korg Poly-800 analog synthesizer that forms the spine of these songs, particularly the effervescent electronic interlude “Mi Sala.” Tunes like “You Looked at Me” fuse a mesmerizing, Krautrock-esque beat with synth musings reminiscent of bands such as Boards of Canada and García’s own minimalist vocals for added texture. His ear for expansiveness comes through the winking “Trago Coqueto,” a cheeky love song crooned through the prism of a cocktail that’s named after a flirty lemon-ginger drink. In a uniquely Pachyman twist, it acts as a poignant ode to his life growing up in Puerto Rico. It couldn’t be a more fitting testament to Switched-On’s ethos, which meditates on García’s conviction to move his art forward while simultaneously honoring his roots.

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