HEAR/SEE: Arcade Fire’s Disco-fied Rock Masterpiece “Reflektor” w/ DAVID BOWIE


We at AudioFuzz don’t normally get this excited but Canadian indie-rock based outfit Arcade Fire has done the unexpected releasing a completely unpredictable single that not only strays from their typical genre of music but surprises us with a guest vocal from none other than David Bowie himself and an eight-minute opus produced by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem! “Reflektor” totes the kind of hurricane of rhythm one would hope for in an Arcade Fire song but with a bit more dance-ability. “Our song escapes on neon silver discs, our love is plastic we’ll break it to bits” sings Win Butler giving an indiscrete jab to online piracy.

Arcade Fire does not spare any disco balls in their latest video. They tear the disco balls apart and use them for everything from a completely disco ball outfit to large reflective pieces in a field. If you think you’re going to SEE David Bowie in this video, you won’t. Bowie’s vocal appears at 4:54 on the chorus and it’s a rather fantastic moment in the video as all the band members appear reflecting the sun from the sky as if they were sending a signal to the elusive rockstar himself.




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