Heart On Your Sleeve: Cap Vargas – “El Sol”


Cap Vargas

“El Sol”

Cap Vargas, from the band Versus, has just released a solo number called “El Sol”.  This song is breathtakingly beautiful, and Vargas’ voice and keyboard playing just make you want more.  As Vargas says about the piece:

“We are those ones that float in nothing, those that are suddenly lost in their minds. We are Vulnerable and in constant explosion, we inspire truth with our shine.
We are in orbit, hosting planets and celestial bodies.
We are like a Sun that needs to be rebuilt through the word when it explodes. We are like a sun in the universe, a blue Sun. “

I love that whole vulnerability that comes about through Vargas’ voice.  It really is a brave thing to put your heart out like that.  I love this song.  I am so glad that Cap Vargas is back.  Versus is one of my favorite bands.  Check out all of Vargas’ work; he is a true original.

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