Heartbreak: Towne – “The One I Love”


“The One I Love”

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Towne is a great band, a mix of beautiful lead vocals and wonderful rhythm.  I love this band.  Comprised of Pennsylvania-bred, music theater geek Steevie Steeves and straight-from-Kentucky, former The Pink Spiders-bassist, Jon Decious, Towne combines the best of singer/songwriter with that country flavor.  The lyrics of “The One I Love” are tremendously interesting; the whole idea is you see the one you love while you are with someone else.  Formerly a couple, TOWNE decided to end their romantic relationship to make the band their main focus. The resulting music is emotional, dramatic and raw— a soap opera, if you will.  They figured if it worked for Adele and Fleetwood Mac, it would work for them.  And it does.  There is this pathos that is not apparent in a lot of country rock anymore.  This is a band with a future.  And let me tell you: Steevie Steeves has one of the greatest voices I’ve ever heard.  

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