Heavy Metal NYC Style: Four Trips Ahead – “Bring Me Down”

Four Trips Ahead

“Bring Me Down”

… And The Fire Within

What a great heavy metal band.  They are just so great and strong.  Coming from New York City, Four Trips Ahead is Peter Wilson (vocalist), Brian Eisenpresser (guitarist), Dan Cassidy (bassist), and Ken Candelas (drummer).  Wilson has one of those great metal voices that is also extremely original.  When he sings in his rough, tenor voice, all of a sudden this high blip comes in to emphasize a word or phrase.  Astounding, it really needs to be heard to be understand.  This ain’t your usual band.  They actually have something to say.  Their single, “Bring Me Down”, is, in the words of their press:

Regardless of who or what oppresses you — politicians, teachers, employers, social systems, the media, family — having the inner resources to resist and reclaim who you are. Overcoming the spiritual weights that are placed upon us by those too afraid to truly live.

Four Trips Ahead is certainly not afraid to truly live.  This is one of the hardest rocking bands to come along for a while.  If there is any justice in this world, a Grammy nod to this band would not be a wrong move.  I love this band.

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