HNAF (Hot New Album Fridays): Holy Wave – ‘Five Of Cups’

Five of cups, holy wave

9/10 Rating – Excellent

Holy Wave is a psychedelic rock band hailing from Austin, Texas. They have gained a reputation for their dreamy, shoegaze-inspired sound and have been praised for their ability to transport listeners into a trance-like state with their music. Five Of Cups is atmospheric and ethereal in quality and from the start you are transported on an asteroid into the multiverse with their interstellar sounds. The melodic hooks on Five Of Cups keeps the you entranced and craving the next note. “Bog Song” is a moody, melodic song that blends dreamy synths, echoing vocals, and blended guitars. “Path Of Least Resistance” is another standout track with its haunting vocals and shoegaze quality. “Nothing Is Real” is one of the most, if not most, stellar tracks on the album. Listen below and find out:

You will enjoy Holy Wave if you appreciate psychedelic and dreamy rock sounds with an emphasis on atmosphere and melody. Holy Wave’s “Five Of Cups” is definitely worth checking out. Their discography includes albums like “Freaks of Nurture” and “Adult Fear,” which are good starting points to explore their music.

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