HNAF (Hot New Album Fridays): HONEYMOAN – ‘Sorry Like You Mean It’

HONEYMOAN, sorry like you mean it, sit right, indie pop, indie rock, South Africa

HONEYMOAN’s debut album, Sorry Like You Mean It, is filled with a dreamy and atmospheric sound, which incorporates elements of indie rock, shoegaze, and pop. The music on this album is characterized by lush, reverb-soaked guitar tones, ethereal vocals, and a sense of introspection that will certainly resonate with many listeners. The band has a knack for creating dreamlike quality, immersing the listener in a sonic landscape that is both soothing and emotionally resonant.

One of the standout features of Sorry Like You Mean It is their ability to create a sense of atmosphere and mood. Their songs are often characterized by a hazy and hypnotic quality that drew the listener in and invited them to get lost in the music. This is complemented by the lead singer’s haunting and emotive vocals, which added an extra layer of depth to their sound.

The album often explore themes of love, longing, and self-discovery, which added a personal and relatable dimension to their music. While their music had a dreamy quality, it also had an emotional weight that made it feel authentic and heartfelt.

Sorry Like You Mean It is an incredibly inspiring new album with a unique sound and immersive and emotionally resonant music. Check out “Sit Right” below and let us know your thoughts:

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