HNAF (Hot New Album Fridays): Metallica – ‘72 Seasons’

Metallica, 72 seasons, heavy metal, hard rock, thrash metal, metal music, thrash thursdays, if darkness had a son

This could be the greatest thrash metal album of all time. Metallica brings an army of galloping, harmonized guitars to this thrasher. The boys are on point with every song often indulging in heavy topics surrounding mental health. Hetfield sings with indignant fervor on each of these songs. Trujillo plays each note with such passion. Lars drums like he’s a 20 y/o thrasher. And Hammett plays with beautifully aged-charisma. The album is a true testament to the kings of thrash metal and their place on the throne. Get ready to THRASH 🤘🏻 Standout Tracks: “You Must Burn!” “If Darkness Had A Son” “Lux Aeterna” and “Inamorata”

We rate it a 9/10

Metallica, 72 seasons, heavy metal

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